Why do people say the quarantine is hard?

I was looking on social media earlier today (which may be my problem), and I kept seeing post after post about the quarantine being hard. It made me start wondering why and what is so hard about it.

Don’t get me wrong: I wish we weren’t doing it. I wish I were in my classroom with my students, in my church on Sunday morning with my friends, at my parent’s house on the weekend, and at any store or restaurant I wanted to visit. But I certainly don’t think this quarantine is hard. If anything, it’s helping me learn more about myself.

What quarantine looks like for us

My family spends way more time together than we ever have. We eat lunch most days together on the deck enjoying the break from work or school, the gorgeous weather, and each other’s company. We play games outside and ride our bikes together. We stay up too late watching movies with each other. We snuggle on the couch each Sunday watching church. We sit around the dinner table together every night, rather than rushing from one sport or activity to the next. We all pitch in with household chores because we all have the time to. We planted flowers for the first time ever!

I sleep in way past my once-normal 5am alarm. I wear yoga pants and t-shirts every day. If I really need it, I pause for a mid-day nap. I go to the grocery store during the middle of the week rather than rushing to get it done before the craziness of the work week begins. I throw in a load of laundry between class and meetings rather than staying up late to get it done. I work on Sunday afternoon and get started a little later on Monday morning because I can and it feels good.

What is hard?

Maybe I’m being overly critical of others and their opinions, or maybe they just haven’t experienced what hard really is. Hard is losing your brother unexpectedly. Hard is losing your job and worrying how you’ll pay the bills. Hard is watching your best friend’s husband lose his battle with cancer. Hard is realizing your dreams may never comes true. I know hard; I’ve seen it. Being in my home with my little family is not hard.

What do you think? Is the quarantine hard for you?

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